J&M is joining forces with
El Dorado Collision Center!

Please read below for more details.

In order to maintain the high-quality repairs and world class customer service provided by our team at J&M Auto Body, I have decided to join forces with my other location, El Dorado Collision Center.


Collision repairs are no longer as simple as they once were. As technology continues to advance at an increasingly rapid pace, today’s vehicles have become more complex to repair. Even the simplest of repairs may require a significant amount of time to research if there are parking sensors, blind spot monitors or other sophisticated electronics involved.


In order to stay ahead of the game, all of our technicians and employees have invested time to be OEM certified with various vehicle manufacturers such as Honda, Kia, Nissan, Jeep and more. We will always strive to continue our education in order to ensure that your vehicle is repaired 100% properly 100% of the time.


Of course, with all of this new technology, sometimes we also have to educate the Insurance companies to bring them up to speed. This is a nice way of saying we have to battle it out with them to get exactly what is required to fix your vehicle correctly. No matter what the insurance company says, we will always fight for your vehicle to be repaired properly.


To all of our valued Customers at J&M Autobody, we appreciate your loyalty! If it wasn’t for the trust that you put in us, we would not have made it as far as we have. Thank you!!!


You can still call the same number for J&M Auto Body, which is 858-693-6111, or you can call El Dorado Collision Center at 858-748-0603. You can always directly reach me, John Tyczki, at 619-520-9910.


We’ll be offering pickup and delivery to all so please don’t hesitate to call us and always remember this:


“We’re The Company That Work’s For You!”